Renting out Lodge facilities and property for a special event is a great way to earn money for the Lodge and help serve the local community, but it is not without risk. Property damage, personal injuries and other claims can arise. Prepare your Lodge for special events with these tips:

Have a Risk Management Plan

Safety is best ensured and problems are best avoided by having a risk management plan before you begin hosting events. You can greatly reduce the risk of a claim by:

  • Identifying any potential hazard risks for your event.
  • Assessing the severity of the risk and the potential impact.
  • Controlling the risk exposure by taking appropriate precautions.

Prepare for Inclement Weather

Weather is always a factor in any event planning. Whether the event must be cancelled or postponed, or tents or awnings are needed, weather can greatly impact an event. Besides the risk of damage or injury, a cancellation could cost the Lodge financially with lost revenue, vendor fees or claims brought by the booking party.

Check Your Facility’s Safety Features

Before your Lodge opens the fraternal facilities up to the public, ensure you can entertain guests safely. Check:

  • Exit signs
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid supplies
  • Emergency lights
  • Safety signage

Everything should be in working order and meet compliance standards with local, state and federal regulations.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

Any Lodge personnel who will be present for event rentals must know what to do in an emergency. Have important phone numbers available and put procedures in place before they’re needed.

Understand that an illness or injury could occur at the event, which could lead to a claim. However, a member of the guest group or a vendor could also become ill or injured before the event, which could lead to postponement and lost revenue.

Work Collaboratively with Vendors

Whether a vendor contracts with the Lodge or a third party, it’s important to work together on the details. Encourage open communication between the facility and the vendors, especially with matters related to liability coverage. Keep copies of your insurance policy, vendor contracts and deposit records on hand, as well.

Practice Food Safety

If food will be prepared, cooked or served at the event, observe food safety best practices. Ensure meats are cooked to the proper temperature. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Check that the kitchen fire suppression equipment is in working order and that the first aid kit is stocked in case of cuts or burns.

Serve Alcohol Responsibly

Ensure that the Lodge meets all requirements for liquor licenses, bartender training and insurance coverage, if there will be alcohol present. Note that your Lodge’s General Liability Insurance policy does not cover outside events if alcohol is being served and sold.

Protect the Lodge with Special Event Coverage

For functions that are not hosted or sponsored by the Lodge, Moose International requires Lodges to obtain Special Event Insurance coverage. Without proper coverage, the Lodge would be responsible for any damage or claims arising during an event, so it’s important to have the right coverage in place.

Before you rent your facilities, fully protect your Lodge with Special Event coverage from Lockton Affinity. Lockton Affinity also offers Property Insurance, Volunteer Accident Insurance, Fidelity coverage, Workers’ Compensation Insurance and more for all your Lodge needs.