Once life at your Lodge returns to normal, old and new volunteers will likely be looking for ways to give back. To prepare for the volunteers, examine your Lodge’s volunteer training and safety precautions.

  1. Update your Lodge’s emergency contacts

If there’s an emergency during an event, your volunteers will need to know how to reach you. On the other hand, a situation may arise where it’s you who needs to get in touch with a volunteer. Make sure everyone has the necessary phone numbers to facilitate important communication.

  1. Send communications

Whether you use social media, email or texting for volunteer and guest contact lists, take time to craft a new message and send updates on the state of your Lodge. Share upcoming events they may be able to join in on.

  1. Practice cyber safety online

If you do send email communications, ensure you and volunteers are aware of cyber security. Share information on both phone and email risks.

  1. Update safety signage

According to OSHA, there’s a link between safety signs and fewer accidents. Help keep your volunteers safe with proper signage for emergency exits, high voltage areas, flammable materials, equipment usage and floor hazards.

  1. Restock first-aid kits

Scrapes, headaches and upset stomachs are common, and volunteers will appreciate access to a freshly stocked first-aid kit to meet these needs. Yet in the event of a more serious incident, the right first-aid supplies could be a life saver. Make sure your kit is ready for an emergency. 

Insurance to protect your volunteers

Did you know Workers’ Compensation Insurance excludes coverage for volunteers? If your Lodge has Workers’ Compensation coverage, your employees are protected, but unfortunately your volunteers are not.

With Volunteer Accident Insurance from Lockton Affinity, your volunteer workforce can be protected too. This policy covers your Lodge from the medical costs a volunteer might incur if they are accidentally injured while working on your Lodge’s behalf.

Email us to ensure your volunteers and Lodge are well protected.