Whether you have been managing your organization’s insurance for months or years, insurance policies can change, your Lodge may evolve and questions can arise.

Browse some of our recent frequently asked questions about Lodge insurance to stay up-to-date on all things Lodge insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lodge Insurance

To get a clearer understanding of your organization’s insurance, browse these frequently asked questions about Lodge Insurance.


Our organization is a non-profit, why do we pay taxes on the insurance premium?

Unfortunately, the standard non-profit tax exemptions do not apply to insurance transactions. There are no tax exemptions for any insurance policyholders.


How does this policy cover our members?

Members are covered as insureds for the activities that they perform or engage in on behalf of your organization. For example, if a guest is injured and they file a lawsuit naming the member who was present during the incident, the policy will respond to defend and indemnify on your member’s behalf for a covered cause of loss.


We have not had any claims, why did our premium increase?

Like prices are rising for consumer goods, the cost to repair and replace property has increased significantly over the past several years. This increase in materials is having an impact on the overall price of insurance.

While your individual organization may not have had a claim in the past few years, there have been losses across the insurance industry that have impacted pricing for all insureds.


What is the difference between Host Liquor and Liquor Liability?

Host Liquor Liability provides coverage for organizations who do not sell or serve alcohol but may have alcohol available at events or meetings for members or guests. Liquor Liability is required when your organization holds a liquor license and is in the business of selling alcohol to members and/or guests.

Learn more about Host Liquor and Liquor Liability coverage here.


Do we need a special event policy if the Lodge is hosting an event that is open to the public?

Your Lodge needs a Special Event policy only if your Lodge is being rented or used for an event that is not sponsored by the Lodge.

If the event is hosted or sponsored by the Lodge, you do not need a Special Event policy, even if it’s open to the public. Moose’s General Liability insurance policy covers Lodge-sponsored events.

Learn more about Special Event coverage here.


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