These common claims against fraternal organizations can greatly impact your operations, so it is important to be prepared. Read on to learn about common claim examples and how you can prevent them at your organization.

Common Insurance Claims at Fraternal Organizations

The most common claims fraternal organizations face are due to property damage and third-party injuries.

Property claims go hand in hand with a brick and mortar. Whether your organization’s property is damaged by fire, wind, hail, theft or vandalism, there is always the chance of some damage occurring. This damage can also impact the contents of your buildings, including your equipment, furnishings, computers, inventory and supplies. Fire, theft and other disasters affecting your space are not only often costly to fix, but they could also impact your ability to operate your business.

General liability claims can be extremely broad, but fall into the categories of bodily injury, personal injury and personal property damage. While the specifics of general liability claims will vary, every organization faces the risks of these types of claims.


Recent, Real-Life Claims at Fraternal Organizations

Consider these real-life claims and how a similar situation would impact your organization:


  • An organization’s roof had been compromised after several bad storms. To get by, the organization had a member make some minor repairs. Another bad storm caused the ceiling to cave in, damaging the drywall. The claim cost more than $70,000.

Bodily injury:

  • A pedestrian was walking in front of the organization, tripped and fell on the sidewalk that was not level, leading to an $85,000 claim.
  • The claimant was exiting the insured location when she tripped into a pothole, breaking her ankle and requiring extensive surgery. Claim costs were over $100,000.
  • A member was bringing food in for an event, and she slipped and fell in the bingo hall, causing a $1,000,000 claim.
  • A member was dancing at an organization function when she tripped over a band’s speaker, resulting in knee surgery and claim costs of more than $80,000.


How to Prevent Common Insurance Claims Lodges Face

While every claim is not preventable, there are basic measures your organization can take to reduce the odds of a claim.

To prevent extensive property damage, schedule routine cleaning and maintenance. To prevent slip, trip and fall incidents, clear walkways and floors from hazards, clean spilled liquids immediately and place signage around uneven surfaces.

If you do experience an incident that could lead to a claim, remember to always report them in a timely manner.

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