While it’s no secret that Lodges help members make lasting connections and feel part of the community, your organization can likely do even more to help Lodge member wellness mentally, physically and emotionally.

Read on for specific events and ideas your organization can implement to help Lodge members’ mental, physical and emotional health.


Lodge Member Wellness — Mental and Emotional Support

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of anxiety and depression among older adults have increased significantly. These increases are exacerbated due to the lack of Medicare providers and needed services.

While older Americans have traditionally had lower rates of depression and anxiety than younger citizens, there are many events that can impact the mental and emotional well-being of your members, including:

  • Healthcare costs
  • Widowhood
  • Chronic illnesses and diagnoses
  • Isolation
  • Poor sleep

To help your members’ mental and emotional health, consider:

  • Hosting informational sessions with mental health professionals about the symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses.
  • Sharing mental health resources via email, newsletters and more.
  • Connecting Veterans with VA mental health services.
  • Checking in with members frequently.
  • Offering physical exercise classes.
  • Scheduling regular activities for socialization, such as guest speakers, game nights, coffee chats and more.


Lodge Member Wellness — Physical Support

In addition to mental and emotional health, seniors may need support for their physical health. According to the CDC, older adults need:

  • At least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity.
  • At least 2 days of activities that strengthen muscles each week.
  • Regular activities to improve balance.

This physical activity can help members maintain the ability to live independently, reduce blood pressure in some people with hypertension, control joint swelling, maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles and reduce the risk of falling and fracturing bones.

Help improve the physical health and safety of your members by:

  • Evaluating the safety of Lodge property, including bathrooms, entryways, kitchens and parking lots.
  • Offering exercise classes or sharing schedules of a local community center.
  • Encouraging members to meet up for group walks.
  • Inviting local health professionals to present on the importance of exercising and healthy eating.


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