No matter where you are in the country, the transition to a new season is a good excuse to complete building and property maintenance. Even if you live in a more tropical climate and your gutters do not fill with leaves, fall is a good time to add these 10 maintenance to-dos to your Lodge’s list.

10 Maintenance Items

Seasonal Lodge work is a good way to keep larger repairs from piling up. Tackle these 10 jobs this fall.

  1. Clean your gutters—Even if they’re not filled with leaves, it is likely they have accumulated some debris since they were last cleaned. If your roof gutters are high, consider hiring the job done.
  2. Get your furnace serviced—Replace the furnace filter and hire a pro to inspect the entire system. Regular furnace servicing can help discover minor problems before they turn into costly repairs.
  3. Inspect your roof—Look for missing or buckled shingles, patches of moss and cracked flashings. If your roof is steep, stay safe on the ground and use binoculars.
  4. Trim trees—Prune trees and bushes to encourage healthy growth. For any well-established trees on your property, hire a tree trimmer to handle the task.
  5. Make any exterior repairs—Examine your property and building thoroughly. Look for damage to the roof, siding, windows, doors and foundation. If anything needs repaired, schedule it before colder weather hits.
  6. Seal gaps—As the weather becomes cooler, small animals, like mice, may be seeking shelter. Fill any small holes or gaps you find to avoid infestations later. This will also help your Lodge save on energy costs.
  7. Check walkways, railings and stairs—Double check that the walkways around your building are in good condition and safe for use. Look for buckles in concrete and loose railings on the stairs.
  8. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors—Replace batteries as needed, and ensure your Lodge has enough to meet fire safety recommendations. Be sure the check your fire extinguishers’ expiration dates, as well.
  9. Remove garden hoses—If your Lodge has a garden hose, be sure to remove it from its faucet early in the fall season. Leaving it attached can cause water to back up in to the faucet and pipes just inside your exterior walls. If freezing temps hit, the water could freeze and crack the faucet or pipes.
  10. Weatherproof doors and windows—Check all windows for cracks and replace them if necessary. Install caulking around windows and doors to prevent drafts and lower your Lodge’s heating bill.

With a handful of members from your Lodge, these 10 maintenance to-dos can be tackled in an afternoon. For more tips about maintaining your Moose Lodge, contact Lockton Affinity at


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