Around the Lodge this time of year, you may get inquiries from new volunteers looking to give back. One way to celebrate these new volunteers’ resolutions to give back is by making your own resolution to help keep them safe around the Lodge. Here are the top 10 volunteer safety tips of the year:

1. Plan for Inclement Weather

Sleet and snow can make travel risky for volunteers and guests and an unexpected storm may mean you need to postpone or cancel an event on short notice. Plan how to deal with potential risks and ensure volunteers know what to do if there is inclement weather the day of the event.

2. Share a List of Emergency Contacts

If there’s an emergency during an event, your volunteers will need to know how to reach you. On the other hand, a situation may arise where it’s you who needs to get in touch with a volunteer. Make sure everyone has the necessary phone numbers to facilitate important communication.

3. Practice Cyber Safety Online

You probably use email to collaborate on volunteer contact lists, guest lists, menus, safety procedures documents and more. Ensure you and volunteers are aware of cyber security. Virus-scan documents and make volunteers aware of phishing phone and email risks.

4. Remember Ladder Safety 

Decorating is a fun activity for volunteers, but make sure to do so safely. Ladder falls account for more than 160,000 injuries and 300 deaths each year. Don’t use ladders that are in bad condition. Set up on a level surface, wear proper footwear and always have three points of contact on the ladder.

5. Be Prepared for Power Outages

Wind, ice or snow could cause a power outage while volunteers are at the Lodge for an event, so make sure everyone is prepared. Keep emergency flashlights and supplies on hand and consider purchasing a generator to power essential equipment.

6. Display Proper Safety Signage

According to OSHA, there’s a link between safety signs and fewer accidents. Help keep your volunteers safe with proper signage for emergency exits, high voltage areas, flammable materials, equipment usage and floor hazards.

7. Provide the Right Fire Extinguishers

Fires can be devastating and deadly, but fire extinguishers can quickly extinguish flames before they spread. Ensure volunteers know the location of your Lodge’s extinguishers and that each unit is charged and ready use, including at least one Class K extinguisher for cooktop fires.

8. Restock the First Aid Kits

Scrapes, headaches, and upset stomachs are common, and volunteers will appreciate access to a freshly stocked first aid kit to meet these needs. Yet in the event of a more serious incident, the right first aid supplies could be a life saver. Make sure your kit is ready for an emergency.

9. Keep Lodge Walkways Clear and Well-Lit

Reduce the risk to volunteers of a slip-and-fall injury by keeping walkways clear and well-lit. Never leave ice, snow, leaves or equipment in the way of travel and make sure steps and curbs have necessary markings. Pathway lighting should be uniform while avoiding glare.

10. Teach About Kitchen and Bar Safety

Kitchen injuries are common according to OSHA, but proper safety can reduce the risk. Ensure volunteers know about knife safety, burn prevention and the location of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. Ensure servers get the proper alcohol training and certification.


Help make sure you, your guests and your volunteers all have a great holiday season by celebrating safely and responsibly.